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ACCESSORIES FOR WEBB WINDOWS Casing Profiles Grille Muntin Bars Flexible J-Channel Extension Jambs Plinth Blocks (not shown full size) WM324 WM327 WM356 WM366 WM376 WM442 WM473 BACKBAND RB-3 WM379 WM444 WM445 WM472 WM371 WM361 WM351 M35 M29 M36
Now you can enjoy the traditional looks of wood without all the on-going maintenance hassles, call today and see if your Webb windows are available with upgraded Poly-Classic® brick mold and sill. Will not rot or crack and are impervious to insects. Offering remarkable crisp detail, low coefficient of expansion (approximately 25% of solid vinyl), and exceptional fastening characteristics. Poly-Classic® exterior is specially primed and ready for a finish coat. Can be machined with normal woodworking tools -- carbide tooling recommended. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY
DID YOU KNOW? All CW Ohio products, wood and composite, are manufactured in the U.S.A. in our own factories. Our experienced craftsmen take extreme care and pride in the products we produce for our customers, all the way from making our own molds to the finished products.
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